How An Old Business Tactic Helped My Decision to Move to Spain

(via CNN travel)

I’ve received a lot of questions, from students and friends alike, about why exactly I decided to relocate to Spain.

The answer is simple, yet layered at the same moment. I’ll keep it concise as possible.

The summer of 2020 was by far the longest one of my life. The combination of everything surrounding the pandemic alone was over the top. Add to the mix mounting family issues with a crazy sociopolitical climate, and there you have the perfect recipe for a mental breakdown.

I’d reached a point where I couldn’t even enjoy things that would normally allow some “escape” for me.

The morning of July 4th I found myself in an alley, just next to the expressway, searching for answers. Anything which could help console me, give me some clarity for the uncertain future. But I didn’t need consolation. No one was coming to make things clear for me. I needed to dedicate myself. There was my answer.

After that realization, I’d cut out anything that had nothing to do with my UNIQUE PURPOSE. I’d been giving my energy to this and that, getting low returns on my investments, and having that affect my moods.

I flipped the script on that distributive mindset, and started consolidating my energy to focus on pursuits that would leave me fulfilled or progressed, instead of depleted. It was during this transition that I tapped into a flow, one which I’d never reached before.

SPEAK UP! is the manifest of this flow that I came into contact with. I dedicated myself to a challenge greater than anything I’d ever done before. I was actualizing the writer I’d always wanted to be.

It’s now or never.

I’m not trying to make you worried, but I don’t think we are going back to the way things were pre-Corona. The paradigm has shifted, and it won’t wait for us to adjust, fighting it is worthless. The next generation, Alpha, will grow up with this new way of living naturally indoctrinated.

I’m not waiting for big name publishers and collectives to promote my book. I’m chasing my dreams, writing my own destiny, and taking control of my path to freedom. This was the utmost motivation for me to move to Spain.

Taking into account the pandemic, I’m a believer in the fact that crisis creates opportunity. One is only rewarded in life as much as one is willing to risk. It’s easy to talk a big game about wanting to achieve X and Y in your life, but many times opportunities won’t present themselves in the most glamorous ways. We must seize them regardless.

But not every opportunity is one worth pursuing. This is where a cost-benefit analysis comes into play when assessing any moves of leverage.

Cost Benefit Analysis involves weighing the expected costs, against the expected benefits in order to determine the best course of action.

Being aware of the potential costs of action, or inaction, is important for individuals as it is for businesses.

In order to compete with rivals, a business may run a promotion lowering the price of services or goods. But the business has already taken into account the potential costs (small loss of profit) and benefits (increased volume) of that promotion before it reaches the public.

Finally, this move has granted me a much needed change of pace. At times it’s necessary to withdraw, take a step back, and look at things from an outside perspective. Continuing at the same pace non-stop, life is happening to you, you’re not able to enjoy it in this way. Get off the hamster wheel, leave the rat race.

Do your own cost benefit analysis and discover how to access your own FREEDOM.

I like to question what I come across and write about it. I train. I skate. I create.